Neighborhood Association Meeting

  • 02/22/2007 Agenda
    Agenda for Old Evergreen Hwy Neighborhood Association Meeting

    February 22, 2007

    7:00 7:05pm Sign In

    7:05 7:10pm Meeting Introduction & Guidelines

    7:10 7:30pm Old Business

    1. Minutes from March 7, 2006 Meeting, Read by Joanne Hall, Secretary

    2. Safety Committee Update on the Trail

    7:30 7:45pm New Business

    Open to input from all meeting attendees (3 minute time limit)

    7:45 8:20pm Presentation from Thayer Rorabaugh on Trail

    Presentation from Laura Hudson- brief overview of Infill Development

    8:30pm Meeting Adjourned

  • Please slow down!
    I have a simple request for our neighbors, one that doesn't cost anything, indeed, it would improve all of our lives...please, slow down.
    The Old Evergreen Highway is a narrow, two lane road, we know that, yet non-residents AND residents drive like they are on Hwy. 14.
    I am not a walker, runner or biker, but it is extremely dangerous for those who are. Please, neighbors, treat this like the residential street that it is. AND extend the coutesy to our neighbors to the west in the Riverview neighborhood - especially between Chelsea and State Street. Thanks, Vicki Coles
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